Brakes are the reason why your car is able to stop when you need it to. There are a lot of components to the braking system so ill just cover the main components and how it makes your car stop.  All cars are different when it comes to brakes. Some cars have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) some don’t, some cars have all disc brakes where others don’t and the list goes on. The main components to the braking system are the brake pedal, master cylinder, brake lines, calipers/wheel cylinder, pads/shoes, and rotors/drums. Without one of these major components working properly your car will have a hard time stopping or may not stop at all.


Brake Pedal – The brake pedal is what allows you to tell your car to stop. By pushing down on the brake pedal you are activating the master cylinder.

Master Cylinder – The master cylinder is what holds the reservoir for your brake fluid and also sends pressure to your brake lines making your car stop.

Brake Lines – The brake line(s) connects to your master cylinder and sends the pressure from it to your calipers/wheel cylinder.

Calipers/Wheel Cylinder – When the caliper/wheel cylinder receives the pressure from the master cylinder is pushes the pistons out against the pads/shoes.

Pads/Shoes - When the piston pushes the pads/shoes it forces the pads/shoes to rub against the rotors/drums creating friction slowing your car down.

Rotors/Drums – Your rotor/drum is connected to your tires by being bolted in between the lug bolts and nuts, so when the rotors/drums are being slowed down by the pads/shoes, it’s slowing your tires down to stop your car.


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