"Akron Auto Clinic is a good clean shop. Friendly people with a good reputation for fixing the car right and treating the customer's right!" – Lee from Cuyahoga Falls

"I don't ever plan on looking for a new shop, now that I've found Akron Auto Clinic!" – Michael from Kent

"Akron Auto Clinic has friendly and honest mechanics with great prices, and quick repairs!" – Michelle from Akron

"Keep doing what you're doing, you're on the right track!" – Kathy from East Akron

"You've made my car care needs easy, efficient, and I have all the confidence in the work that you do!" – Janet from Akron

"You guys are the greatest! You offered to take me to work and back! Nobody does that! Thank you so much!" – Rhonda from Akron

"Akron Auto Clinic is a place where I feel comfortable that I'm getting a good deal, that the people know what they're doing, they care about customers, and where I can always get help the right way!" – Clarence from Akron

"You guys are the best! Thankfully I haven't had to visit you in a while, but when trouble arises, you'll be my first call! – David from North Akron

"I greatly enjoy Akron Auto Clinic's services. You have many ways of letting your customers know that you care. For an auto shop to show its customers they care means more to them than getting their car fixed. I would also like to say that I thank God for you and your services, maybe the Lord continue to bless you in many ways. Bless your friends, family, co-workers because God knows that you have been a great blessing to me and the community!" – Nichole from West Akron

"I've had two repairs done at Akron Auto Clinic and I was pleased with everything. My repairs were done in good time, you provided shuttle service to my home, and should great customer service." – Lamar from West Akron

"My ideal auto repair shop is Akron Auto Clinic. Even if you ever made a mistake, I'd return because I know your heart is in the right place." – Judy from Fairlawn

"I love Akron Auto Clinic because they know you by name, are honest about what needs fixed, and they know what they're doing." – Mason from West Akron

"Akron Auto Clinic is fast, reliable, trustworthy, and fair!" – Derrick from West Akron

"I can tell you my ideal auto repair shop in three words, Akron Auto Clinic!" – Cindea from Akron

"Akron Auto Clinic told me what was wrong with my car in order of importance and they told me what I could wait to fix. They had reasonable prices and got the job done in a timely manner." – Lisa from Akron

"Akron Auto Clinic gave me a personal explanation of my cars problem with a maximum possible estimate and service with a smile." – Dave from West Akron

"I've been to so many repair shops where they weren't friendly but had good prices or they were friendly but had horrible prices. Then I found Akron Auto Clinic and I'll never go anywhere else! Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family!" – John from North Akron

"I go to Akron Auto Clinic because they have cheap prices, they're professional, trust-worthy, and the offer discounts." – Brianna from Copley


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